E-quip Me 1 Year Subscription


1 Year Subscription to E-quipMe Resources

E-quipMe Resources is a vast selection of interactive and downloadable business English materials including speaking and writing skills guides, document templates, document reviews, language lists and scripts, video and audio files, short tips on common errors Asian learners make and a lot more.

Targeting working professionals as well as students soon entering the workplace, E-quipMe has been created to address the needs, challenges and questions that learners may have when communicating in English.

For elementary to advanced levels, learners can improve their business writing and speaking skills, by controlling and shaping their own learning, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Simple and clear bite-sized materials, content designed specifically for Asian learners and new content added every week based on feedback and our experiences in the classroom means learners should be able to relate to and apply what they learn immediately to their work, or their social lives.