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E-quipMe is an interactive and practical business English platform designed specifically for working professionals in Asia to address their needs, challenges and questions when communicating in English.

Designed by E-quip Training (, with over 60 years of experience in the corporate training industry in Asia, E-quipMe offers something for everyone, from elementary to advanced level.

The platform allows learners to select, control then shape their own learning, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


E-quipMe consists of a main interactive library of resources for Asian learners looking to improve both their business and social English skills, and is titled E-quipMe Resources.

A vast library of simple, bite-sized and downloadable business English materials, fully categorized, including speaking and basic to advanced writing skills guides, document templates with helpful hints and tips, analysis of real samples and their rewrites, practical language lists and scripts for various business situations, video and audio files and tips and pointers on common errors that Asian learners make. New content is added every two weeks based on feedback and questions we receive as well as our experiences in the classroom with our corporate clients. In addition, interactive features including trainer Q&A’s, quizzes and polls are available to users.

E-quipMe Resources provides Asian learners with an easy-to-navigate platform to confidently address everyday communication challenges, through relevancy, engagement and practical advice and correction.  And if you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask, and we will create a reply and add to the library.



Designed for Asian learners by a team with 60+ years of corporate classroom and online training experience in Asia.


Something for everyone – from elementary to advanced level, from junior grade to ‘C’ level employees.


Select, control then shape your own learning, at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Subscribe to E-quipMe Resources for 1 year and receive new downloadable content every month, post questions and help shape future content.


Sign up for a 1-year license of E-quipMe Resources for UNLIMITED access for ALL staff with an option to create customised areas on the platform for your company’s language needs.


Give your students the support needed when entering the workplace. Sign up for a specially-priced 1-year license of E-quipMe Resources for UNLIMITED access for ALL students and potentially staff with options to customise the platform for your institution.


E-quipMe Resources

E-quipMe Resources provides individuals and organisations with a vast selection of interactive, downloadable and increasing number of business English materials.

These include speaking and writing skills guides, document templates and reviews, language lists and scripts, video and audio files and common error tips Asian learners make.

Created to address the needs, challenges and questions that working professionals may experience when communicating in English, E-quipMe Resources is for elementary to advanced levels, whatever their position.

Learners can improve their business writing and speaking skills, by controlling and shaping their own learning, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Simple and clear bite-sized materials, content designed specifically for Asian learners and a collaborative approach to future content, through forums, polls and Q&A with the E-quipMe team mean learners should be able to apply what they learn immediately to their work, or their social lives.

Available to individuals on a 1-year subscription and companies and academic institutions as a 1-year license with unlimited staff/student access, E-quipMe Resources allows users to learn what they need, when they need it. 


Practical Work-Specific Content

Access relevant and immediately useful materials designed specifically for Asian learners, covering speaking and writing skills to help you get ahead in business. New content added every two weeks, including audio and video.

Downloadable Resources

Download all content for future reference or to share or mentor colleagues.




Expert Trainer Support

Post questions, attach documents, query points with expert trainers so that you get the right answers and test yourself with our quizzes.





Quick Language Tips

Access hundreds of simple and easy to apply tips to immediately improve how your communicate, removing any errors you may make.

Customised Dashboard

Track individual and/or group usage statistics and performance metrics.





Customised Options for Companies

Organisations can have custom registration and log-in pages as well as custom categories specifically for content related to their industry or target staff.