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Welcome to E-quipMe Resources – Your ‘Go-to’ Platform to Communicate Better

E-quipMe Resources consists of 34 Categories covering all areas of business communication as well as 4 Tips Categories covering common errors and quick fixes related to Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing Skills and Speaking Skills.

Within each Category you will find various Topics that focus specifically on a grammar point, a functional reason for speaking or writing or targeted techniques for writing. The Tips Categories identify and provide brief and clear solutions to errors we often see Asian learners make in the classroom, in social situations or in their writing.

New Tips are added weekly and new Topics added at least two weeks.

Simply browse the Categories and Topics that are most relevant to you or feel free to open the PDF, save or print.  Most Topics can be read in 5 to 10 minutes, and provide plenty of useful guidance and examples relevant to Asian learners. Perfect for when you want to learn new knowledge quickly.

Want to test yourself? A number of the Categories have multiple-choice quizzes so you can assess your understanding. 

You can check your progress by clicking on “Your Dashboard” and checking the Categories and Topics you have viewed, the quizzes completed and time spent online. You can also see the latest content posted.

Want to ask a question or help shape content? Engage with our team through posting questions, attaching samples, making suggestions and participating in polls.

We hope that you enjoy E-quipMe Resources!

The E-quip Me Team